Watermelons with Seeds for Fruit and Vegetable Stand 

Fruits and Vegetable Stand was organized by Paul Branca and featured paintings by Dylan Chatain (Key Limes), T.M. Davy (Honey Dew), Nathalie Häusler (Figs), David Horvitz (Pears), Timothy Hull (Apples), Essye Klempner (Cantaloupes), Sophy Naess (Swiss Chard), Pat Palermo (Eggplants), Kate Parnell (Onions), Emily Roz (Hot Peppers), Carmelle Safdie (Watermelons with seeds), October 27, 2012. Poster design by Carmelle Safdie and Paul Branca for Colpa PressNewsprint Edition #7. Project documentation and grisaille paintings by Fruit and Vegetable artists featured in Autonomy Exchange Archive, curated by Paul Branca and Lisa Hayes Williams, West, The Hague, The Netherlands, 2014.